Dutchbone planter botanique rozmiar m 7900022

Dutchbone planter botanique rozmiar m 7900022 dostępny od ręki


Authentic models taca mf205 dostępny od ręki


Authentic models kuferek/stolik stateroom, srebrny mf079s dostępny od ręki


Zuiver stolik luigi okrągły różowy 2300180 dostępny od ręki


The name of this armchair says it all, right? An armchair like this stands as a clear element in the house. The design of Statement is basic, but it does stand out because of its size. Combine this armchair with the sofas from the Statement series for a gifted and complete sitting area. This Statement armchair fits perfectly into the BePureHome collection, is pure and sturdy and consists of several variants, fabrics and colours. This variant is equipped with ciemnooszary velvet. The seat depth is 60 cm, the seat width 59 cm and the seat height 46 cm. The leg height is 15 cm and the height of the frame 18 cm. The arm rest has a height of 66 cm and a width of 6,5 cm.The Velvet fabric with velvet aspect is soft, has a full heavy quality and is suitable for intensive use. The fabric has not been tested for additional treatments and we therefore advise against impregnating the sofa. If this is deemed necessary, it is at your own risk and we recommend that you test it out on a spot – out of sight. Orders for this product cannot be cancelled.

Be pure fotel statement velvet ciemnooszary 378670-12 dostępny od ręki


sofy skandynawskie, ikea łóżko do sypialni, dodatki do szarej sypialni, materace 200×200, mały pokój dla dziewczynki aranżacje, torii magazyn, softi meble, stół rozkładany 300 cm, szaro zielone ściany, rama łóżka 160×200 z pojemnikiem, żółte curry, meble narożniki z funkcją spania, lampka nocna czarna, szafki pod telewizor nowoczesne, jak zrobic drapak dla kota, regał schodkowy agata meble…